Monday, 18 May 2009

2 New CDs Out Now

Iorram GN54
Aporias Trio - Tatsuya Nakatani - drums and percussion, Raymond MacDonald - sax, Neil Davidson - guitar: Entre Nous
Recorded in the midst of an intense tour of the UK in 2007. This disk breaks up the long arcs of sound which marked the trio's live performances from that period into discreet essays in sonic physicality. Shamanic percussion, deconstructed guitar and circular breathing. Artwork by Sarah Tripp. CD limited to 500 copies

Review by Richard Pinnell

Iorram ML83
George Lewis and the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra: Metamorphic Rock
40 minutes of free improvisation from George Lewis and GIO recorded in December 2007 mid way through preparatory work on Lewis's new piece, 'Artificial Life 2007' for the orchestra. One continuous take revealing the group in its subtlest and most raucous modes. Artwork by Sarah Tripp. CD 500 copies

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