Monday, 19 October 2009

New Releases October 2009

Peter Nicholson and Raymond MacDonald - Streetlevel Iorram OB30

From a last visit to the Streetlevel premises at 48 King Street comes a record that belies the old Apollo/Marsayas opposition of string and wind: both cello and saxophone are wheezing corpulent and apparently without skin. Hear them sing as John Cavanagh swathes their wounds in quarter inch tape. CD-R 100 hand made copies

Helhesten - Thickly Grown Iorram KY96

Tape rubbed evocations of something slender and burnished, Messiaenic aviaries in drains. Recorded in various miss-matched settings, the first six pieces of this record form a crudely but carefully butted assembly. Helhesten's urban pastoral is a dirty place. CD-R 100 hand made copies Review