Tuesday, 1 June 2010

George Burt & Susan Alcorn

George Burt and Susan Alcorn will be performing at the Glasgow Jazz Festival alongside the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra on Saturday the 26th of June at the Tron Theatre from 14:00. Their New CDR 'A&B' on Iorram Records will be released the same day, copies available at the gig.

George Burt and Susan Alcorn first met when George performed as one of the support acts at Susan’s first concert in Scotland at the 13th Note Glasgow in 1998. It was already clear that there were intriguing overlaps in outlook, approach and background. Susan’s career in perfectly normal country bands and George’s in inoffensive folk and jazz bands has led both players by long circuitous routes to a radical deconstruction of standard guitar techniques largely growing out of the inextricable mixture of exasperation and profound respect they both feel for the musics that continue to nurture them.

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